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Highlight, annotate, and organize in one place.  Stay productive online and save 3+ hours a week!

Find it hard to stay organized and efficient online?

Weava is a one-stop research tool to boost your productivity​

Reduced Tabs

Too many browser tabs slow you and your computer down?

Save and manage all your work in the Weava dashboard. 

Auto-Save Work with Weava

Ever forgot where you saved your work?

Access your highlights and annotations instantly, from any device. 

Need a solution to stay efficient on mobile?

While Weava is primarily a browser extension, we have developed an iOS mobile app to help you stay efficient from mobile devices.

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Stay organized with Weava

Weava helps you conduct research easily & efficiently

Take a look at our onboarding guides to learn how to best utilize Weava’s features. 

Highlight with Weava

Highlight websites & PDFs

Highlight on any website and PDF. Customize the colors to your liking. Learn more

Annotate with Weava

Annotate highlighted texts

Add notes to your highlights to jot down your thoughts and ideas. Learn more

Organize with Weava

Organize your research

Organize your work into folders and categorize your research. Learn more

Collaborate with Weava

Collaborate with your team

Share folders to conduct research in collaboration with your team. Learn more

Cite with Weava

Cite automatically

Generate citations for your research with a single click. Learn more

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